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Afghanistan – Biden’s Killing Fields


Afghanistan horrors continue – all on Biden. Credible reports from inside State’s quiet halls and from veteran organizations indicate at least 1,000 Americans, not 100, remain trapped in Afghanistan. One estimate is closer is 2500, with permanent residents. Tens of thousands of Afghans tied to the US, and families, are hiding. Safe houses are raided, women formerly in government hunted down. These are Biden’s killing fields. Mr. Biden did this.

The media and Biden officials try to pivot from these Afghan horrors but cannot. The horrors continue. Americans and allies are trapped, hunted door to door. Biden’s State Department does nothing still, except – as one official said – “giving each other high fives for a big success.”

Stories come to me heartbreaking. Flights out of Mazar Sharif appear a dead letter, first held up by State, now by Taliban. State – which refuses to acknowledge this – had a cow when a plane showed up in a third country with Afghan asylum seekers, and all were not on the manifest.

Separately, stories are emerging – including one in Politico this weekend – the FBI is inquiring after veteran groups focused on Dunkirk-style rescues from third countries. The impression is, far from supporting those hoping to get Americans and allies out, the opposite may be afoot. See, e.g., Progressive foreign policy’s big week.

Individual stories are slow getting out but are making their way to congressional offices, people desperately seeking help from State’s Consular Affairs, coming up empty-handed. As each day counts, with tens of thousands of lives – each one dear – are in jeopardy, State is silent.

American allies are being dragged from homes, tortured, and killed as Taliban hunt teams seek and destroy – far from those fictional promises touted by Biden. Who seriously believed those promises? A kinder-gentler Taliban? With terrorist Haqqani as Interior Minister, Al Qaida woven into fabric, ISIS in the mix? The White House, Defense, and State knew the truth.

Now, hard reality hits – and it will keep hitting. These victims – abandoned by Biden’s national security team – will continue to die as a consequence of their acts. The specter is like watching bombs drop from 20,000 feet on helpless civilians, nowhere to go, no way out, trapped by Biden.

In recent days, a former Air Force officer – a nurse formerly stationed in Afghanistan who, on the side, taught Afghan children – shared her heartbreak. Close to four families, they are all now hunted, in hiding, desperate, fear the worst. She doggedly tries to get the State to respond. Nothing.

Others with knowledge of the failing evacuation process – to the extent any exists – say the White House and State want the story to go away, so ignore it. They say State ended direct support from Embassy Islamabad, Pakistan, a week ago – a vital exit ramp. Inquires get an email saying the former Pakistan-based task force no longer exists, inquiries forwarded to Main State.

They say forget the Afghan embassy to the US, as they are busy processing their own asylum claims. They say State keeps pretending the Taliban is a respectable government, even as reports mount of summary executions, torture, brutality toward anyone who helped, especially women.

And what about countless Americans still there – who Biden, Harris, Blinken, Sherman, Austin, Milley, Sullivan, Psaki, and others deny are there, yet know are there? How can truth be ignored?

Even now, good people from multiple Western countries are trying to save thousands of lives Biden-Harris and their inept, political, untruthful team condemned to death. Accountability?

Efforts are being made to have third countries assist, good people not giving up, thinking creatively about geography, logistics, asylum, legal routes, diplomatic leverage … all the while not quite believing we are in this horrifying, forgotten situation.

To abandon good and innocent people to death is repugnant, to abandon those who risked and sacrificed to save your life and to whom you swore fidelity is worse than repugnant. It is immoral, indefensible, unconscionable, and unforgivable.

So, to be clear – this is not over. The terror wrought internally, likely externally, by the Taliban, al-Qaida, ISIS, and other terrorist groups were given free rein in Afghanistan – with tens of billions of dollars in US equipment, communications, aviation, armaments – is only the beginning.

This faithless, feckless turn of events was precipitated by failed diplomacy, failed planning, lack of integrity, indifference to reality, abdication of responsibility, seeking to get an Afghan government to pretend greater strength than they had, ending air support and intelligence, unwillingness of anyone to stand up say – stop! It remains a disgrace.

The disgrace will only grow, and that is because – this is only beginning. Implications of this failure to foresee the foreseeable, to abandon people and progression toward rule of law – a plan that was working – is without precedent or moral justification.

Effects will now grow, as will the historic shame around this miscarriage of integrity, diplomacy, operations, and national security. This is an underreported, rolling tragedy – Biden’s killing fields. See also, Trapped in Kabul, Prominent Afghan Women Fear Retribution Under Taliban Rule.

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Willy E
1 month ago

It is an atrocity beyond imagination, but not unexpected. Thinking, Patriot people were aware of what Progressives do, and now they’re doing it. Well, don’t blame me, I voted for Trump! I didn’t vote for O’Bama either. It is a terrible price to pay. We need to have treason trials for this administration.

2 months ago

Third party rescue operations are working to, and getting people on board flights out of Afghanistan, only to have the Biden administration working against them; disallowing the flights to land at any US air base and contacting foreign governments to ensure they don’t allow these flights to land.
Biden’s entire administration is corrupt and disgusting at a level I’ve never seen before. Biden and his administration ALL should be locked up for crimes against this country and it’s citizens.

Jon Dunham
2 months ago

As an American citizen, veteran, voter, and taxpayer, I find this disgusting Administration action too hard to believe. I am angry, concerned, and sickened. The most frustrating is the feeling that I do not know what to do. I have communicated with my representative. I have called as well. I sit here and watch the news and see that the President, the Secretary of State, and all of the “leaders” of the military have lied to me. I want them to pay! They all are too cowardly to resign or take personal responsibility and only blame others for the travesty. Will they start saying the names of the executed and slain persons they left behind. Will someone begin to list those that are murdered as a result of the stupidity of this Administration? How will we, as citizens, be absolved of the ignorance causing the deaths of others? Those who voted for this Administration must bear their share of guilt for the deaths in “Afghanistan-Biden’s Killing Fields.”

Sean Richman
2 months ago

Maybe we should send china joey to afghanistan where he could kiss the talibans posteriors like he does with china,but neither one works anyway so he might just as well take another vacation.What this faker should do is ask Trump and take his advice.

Richard Headley
2 months ago

This makes me sick! Never should have happened!

2 months ago

Such traitorous behavior used to be punishable by hanging.

Gen. Patton
2 months ago

Wakeup America November 2022 elections can return America to greatness with Trump Republicans

2 months ago
Reply to  Gen. Patton

Only if every state enacts voter reform legislation that outlaws the various processes that allowed the Democrats to successfully manipulate the vote twice. Once on November 3rd 2020 and then again on January 6th 2021 in the two Georgia Senate run-off races. The exact same processes were repeated to achieve the desired result in each case. Democrats won both the Presidency and picked up two Senate Congressional seats giving them complete control of Washington.

james michalicek
2 months ago

I was in Afghanistan from OCT. 2004 to APR. 2013. I came home once a year for 3 weeks. While I was there my Mother died and my wife left me. I was an Army Contractor. It was a job. The money was good. I was never present at high level meetings. I was a supervisor and over the years many Afghans worked for me. The ones worth listening to wanted JOBS more than anything else. One really nice young man said “America should bring a factory.” We can’t beat them, but we can give something to live for.

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago

At least 3000 innocent babies to start with!

J. Farley
2 months ago

If this was president, Trumps. debacle the Demonrats would be seeking impeachment and would leave no stone unturned to find the underlying cause of who was involved, in this nightmare, but with old Lying, Hiding, Joe Biden, they will turn a blind eye and try to sweep it under the rug. Folks, we have a broken system of Government and will not get fixed as long as the Democrats are in power. I started my comments with if this were President Trump, but, this would have never happened under President Trump, he would not do anything so stupid. The blood of everyone who lost they lives because of this poor planned action is on the hands of every Democrat who cease to start impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden and all others involved, use this in next year’s election if they set and let is go without trying to impeach Lying Biden.
We are intitled to equal justice under the law
Make them pay!
God Save America

2 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Yep, to a great extent, the priorities of both parties is to make everything they say or do that relates to politics seem to be a pearl of wisdom. But in the case of the DemocRats, if you smell it it gives off an odorous stench similar to a political cesspool. I’m confident that Joe Hidin’ Biden will be considered by future historians to be an anathema of Presidential effectiveness.

2 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

The ‘Rats and RINOs made it clear, they didn’t want Americans to run Washington- they wanted to keep it going as long as the money train spit out cash and made them millionaires.
Thinking 5 star generals from WW II would have resigned in disgrace, if this had ever happened under their watch. Think Eisenhower. He knew when concentration camp survivors were found, they had to record so US and allies could not have a spin story created on the horrid situation. Watched an interview- why 4 five star generals in European and Pacific theatres? They knew it’d be hard enough to gain consensus with two, let alone more! Now- we have 45 5 star generals who can’t lead, but serve to vilify servicemen and women who tell the truth (S. Shulley in brig) AND NO leaders of our Armed Forces, least of all the C-I-C!

2 months ago

“The White House, Defense, and State knew the truth.”… and biden and his minions abandoned our citizens and those who were seeking help from us en masse. Abandoned them to their fate via the taliban. Yeah, no… ol’ slo’ joe’s no friend of ours. China Joe has his sights elsewhere, not on our nation. China joe must be prepping to line joe’s and hunter’s pockets with even more cash from the Chinese and/or Ukranians or ???

Ol’ slow joe’s not caring what we think anymore. He’s blatantly destroying our nation from within. IMHO.

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

Deb Rockwell
2 months ago

Of course they are leaving them behind. They can’t possibly have them around to tell the tales of all the horror that has ensued.

Barbara D
2 months ago


james michalicek
2 months ago
Reply to  Barbara D

Biden and “friends” stole the election. He is not really President but thanks to the crooks in the House and Senate Killer Joe is in the oval office. If he is removed do we get president Kamala? The Kackler? Face facts. The dems will cheat and win all future elections. We are screwed!

Pete & Mardi Nagy
2 months ago
Reply to  Barbara D

I agree he needs to go but on the other hand, Harris is even worse and very dangerous.

Verl Herriman
2 months ago

Oh by the way these shot don’t work and they could kill you if not now can later in life

Verl Herriman
2 months ago

Biden Obama still pulling your chain on what to say you both are killers

Tim Toroian
2 months ago

Afghanistan should have NEVER been considered a war but as a cooperative occupation with the Afghans to keep the Taliban suppressed a la Korea.

2 months ago

Piglosi admitted yesterday that it’s the “obozo agenda”. Blighten is a figurehead only. Obozo is calling the shots.

Lincoln Sorensen
2 months ago
Reply to  Hdrydr

Not obozo, he is as clueless as biden. (no capitals by design) The puppeteer is soros and has been since the end of WWII. Nobody mentions his name because he owns most of the media and half of the US businesses here.

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago
Reply to  Hdrydr

It’s not coincidence that all of Senile Joe’s top officials are from the Barry Hussein administration. There are plenty of Democrats who could have been chosen but Joe (or his handlers) chose only Hussein loyalists!

anna hubert
2 months ago

20 years ago t he best equiped army in the world entered Afganistan with the warning to mind the pedestrians,civilians,women.children.lame and blind,don’t shoot unless you have the ID to make sure you have the right person, without the uniform and insignia it’s rather difficult to know.Had they been allowed to enter,finish the job and get out we would not have the mess.Someone made money on it so much we can not imagine.

Todd Wagner
2 months ago

Biden is a joke and every one better get right with GOD. This is not going to end well for anyone.

Just an uneducated but proud dirt farmer
2 months ago

America is on the verge of turning the [email protected] [email protected], the point of no return! Make no mistake, 0’Biden has soldout America to the Chyne$e [email protected]$t Party… Are you one of the morons wearing a Chynese made ineffective mask while driving alone in your car? Your wife (or husband) are home cuckolding you with a real piece of… If you chant stupid hysterical sayings like “Black Lives Matter,” then you truly are a useless Piece of Schiff… ALL LIVES MATTER, EXCEPT THE IDIOTS CHANTING THE SLOGAN! Afghanistan was part of the plan! The Chyne$e want to build a road etc thru that mineral rich country to exploit that opium producing [email protected] for everything it’s worth! 0’Biden did this all on purpose becoz he knows his time is numbered! Patriots MUST be ready for the need to amputate the EVIL ENSCONCED in the the federal bureaucracies… did you watch the pathetic pentagon leaders’ obfuscations/lies/forked-tongue responses in the senate hearings on Sept 28th? America is under attack from many angles; sans an immediate action, it is the end of the Republic. Wake the phuck UP!

anna hubert
2 months ago

remember the hugs and kisses between FDR and Stalin?

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

When one of FDR’s top advisers found out that we had bugged the Soviet embassy, he went and told the Soviets. Sound a little like Milley?

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