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AMAC Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit conservative advocacy organization, was created to support AMAC by advancing initiatives on Capitol Hill, in the state legislatures and at the local level through grassroots advocacy. Participation is a benefit of AMAC membership.

Jan 6th - Ben Weingarten 2

Weingarten Report Ep 14: The Jan 6 Committee Witch Hunt Exposed


AMAC Action Attends Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions Conference

poll 23

Breaking: New Poll Shows Biden Down with Independent Voters

iowa 157

Breaking: Biden Capital Gains Taxes To Wipe Out Iowa Farmers

trust 34

The TRUST Act: Taking the First Step Towards Entitlement Reform

school 6

Stop Critical Race Theory – Run for Your Local School Board and Win!

Radiation 1

Time is Running Out to Claim Partial Restitution for Radiation Exposure

care 30

A Senior’s Lament: Our New Administration Doesn’t Care About Us

covid 12

Hold On. The COVID Resurgence is Going to Be “A Bumpy Ride, But We’ll Get Through,” says AMAC

midterms 5

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Seven Patterns Now Shaping the 2022 Midterms