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Keeping America Safe

harris border 52

‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris Is Taken to Task; She Apparently Doesn’t Want to Visit the U.S.-Mexican Border

Israel 34

Everything You Need to Know About the Conflict in Israel

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Republican Governors Unite to Resist Biden’s War on Work

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Fauci and Biden Sow Chaos and Confusion on Virus

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A “Woke” Dictionary, Volume 2: A Guide to How the Left Uses “Antiracist” to Divide Americans

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Honoring Fallen Officers – Biden is Tone-Deaf

military 106

Is Biden Preparing to Purge Conservatives from the Military?

racist 121

A “Woke” Dictionary: A Guide to How The Left Uses “Racist,” “Racism,” and “Equity” to Divide Americans

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Baltimore Becomes War Zone as Democratic Mayor Refuses to Fight Criminals but Pushes to Defund the Police

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Congressional Leftists Side with The Terrorists in The Deadly Hamas-Israel Conflict