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Seven Ways the Establishment Worked Against Trump in the 2020 Election

AMAC Exclusive


While the media incessantly claims that the 2020 election was completely on the up-and-up and constantly labels any suggestion to the contrary a “conspiracy theory,” there is already enough completely undisputed evidence on the public record to deem last year’s contest the most unfair election in American history.

TIME national political correspondent Molly Ball gleefully tells the story of how “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, [worked] together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.” 

Ball concluded, “In a way, Trump was right. There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes.”

Here are seven indisputable ways the entire national establishment conspired in unprecedented fashion to undermine election integrity and defeat the sitting President of the United States in 2020.

1. The entire manner of voting in the 2020 election (when, where, how, and which ballots were counted) was changed by partisan Democrat actors in key battleground states without the approval of state legislatures as required by law.  

The examples are too numerous to catalog. In Pennsylvania, the Democrat-dominated State Supreme Court unilaterally abolished the signature verification requirement for mail-in ballots just 11 days before the election. In Georgia, Democrats led by Stacey Abrams pushed state officials into a settlement agreement that made comparing signatures so cumbersome it was not done. In numerous key states, Democrat officials mailed out absentee ballot request forms or, worse, live absentee ballots to every registered voter on the rolls, often in violation of state law. 

Moreover, using hundreds of millions of dollars donated by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, many swing states also deployed hundreds of ballot drop boxes that collected tens of thousands of absentee votes, often concentrated in heavily Democrat areas. In many states, such as Wisconsin, this practice of deploying unmanned drop boxes was clearly a violation of state law. 

 As Molly Ball admitted in TIME, it is surely not a coincidence that almost every change to election rules in 2020 worked to the disadvantage of Donald Trump. 

2. The media was more unhinged and nakedly partisan than in any election in history. 

 Throughout the course of the Trump presidency, the media served as a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party, manufacturing absurd hoaxes and conspiracy theories about Trump-Russia collusion that consumed his presidency for years. 

 If it was even possible, negative coverage of President Trump increased further during 2020. One study found that 95% of media coverage of President Trump was negative in the summer of 2020 going into the fall election, causing viewers to hear “150 times more negative comments about Trump than Biden.” 

Meanwhile, Biden received glowing coverage of his bike rides and ice cream cones, while the media asked virtually no serious questions about issues, Biden’s health, or why he was failing to campaign.

3. Many polls were apparently designed to suppress Trump’s vote.

 Some pollsters and media organizations clearly tried to tilt the playing field toward Biden through blatantly biased polls designed to undermine Trump’s support and obscure how close the race was. 

 Overall, the polls showed the largest statistical bias toward Democrats in 2020 that they have ever displayed in the history of U.S. elections, ultimately underestimating Republican performance by nearly 5 points on average. 

 The worst polls for Trump were typically given the most sensational coverage. In the first week of October, NBC published a poll claiming Trump was 14 points down nationally. In the last week of October, the Washington Post-ABC poll had Trump 17 points down in Wisconsin, a state where the two candidates ultimately finished within 0.6% of one another in the official tally.

4. The debates were a set-up.

 Perhaps the most under-reported form of bias against Trump in 2020 was the blatant favoritism showed toward Biden during the fall presidential debates. The Presidential Debate Commission was exclusively comprised of known Never Trump Republicans and pro-Biden Democrats. 6 of 10 of the members had made negative comments about President Trump while serving on the Commission. Unbelievably, one of the media moderators the Commission selected was a former Biden intern and staffer for Democrat Sen. Ted Kennedy. Another was an extremely partisan member of the MSNBC staff. Chris Wallace also conducted himself with conspicuous bias, all while Joe Biden told the President of the United States to “shut up” and called him a liar and a “clown.” But supposedly, it was Trump who was misbehaving. 

 It is hard to imagine it could have gotten more unfair to the President than that, but then the Commission unilaterally chose to change the format of the second presidential debate in a manner that would have been deeply demeaning to Trump and clearly advantageous to Biden (i.e., declaring that it would be the first “virtual” debate in history, for no valid scientific reason). As a result, that debate never happened (as the Commission surely anticipated). 

5. Big tech censorship and corporate media coverups.

In the final weeks of a presidential campaign, the New York Post made public smoking gun emails from Hunter Biden that linked the Biden family—including Joe “the Big Guy” Biden himself—to foreign businesses controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. It was perhaps the most significant scandal at that stage in a presidential campaign in history. 

 Despite the fact that the authenticity of the underlying information was never denied by the Biden campaign, the Post’s reporting was quickly censored by Twitter and Facebook and subjected to a media blackout by virtually all major media organizations. Twitter called the Post’s story “potentially harmful.” Facebook said that censoring the Post’s articles was “part of our standard process to reduce the spread of misinformation.” NPR’s managing editor for news asserted: “We don’t waste our time on stories that are not really stories[.].” CNN purposefully tried to bury any mention of the New York Post’s reporting in the weeks prior to the election and even attempted to prevent members of CNN staff from telling the public about it. CNN anchor Jake Tapper said the story was bogus and “too disgusting” to repeat on air. 

 The censoring of the New York Post story alone likely had an enormous impact on the results. After the election, a poll found that nearly half of Biden voters in key states said they were unaware of the corruption scandals, and almost 10% of Biden voters said they would not have voted for Biden had they known about those reports.

6. The origins of the virus were hidden from the American People.

 In April 2020, President Trump first asserted that he had seen evidence that COVID-19 came from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. The media, aided by the scientific community, blasted the claim as a xenophobic conspiracy theory. Today, we know that Chinese scientists at that lab were experimenting on a coronavirus that was 96.2% similar to the novel coronavirus that caused the pandemic, and we know that multiple researchers at the Wuhan lab were sick with COVID-19 symptoms in the fall of 2019. Now that Trump is out of office, the media, the scientific community, and even Joe Biden are conceding that Trump was most likely correct about the virus’s origins. 

 As Senator Lindsey Graham recently said, this alone likely “changed the course of the election.” Graham argued: “If Trump was right about the lab leak, it would change the image the public had of President Trump regarding the coronavirus. More importantly, if it came out of the lab in China, he was right that it was the China virus. The 2020 election would have been about who can hold China accountable, Trump or Biden?

7. The public was deceived about the imminence of a vaccine.

President Trump campaigned on the promise that the vaccine would be available before the end of 2020. The media and Democrats scoffed at such statements and assured the public that obtaining a vaccine in less than a year was all but impossible. 

The moderators of both presidential debates, as well as Joe Biden, told the American People before massive television audiences that a vaccine would not be widely available until at least the summer of 2021.  

Today, we know that Pfizer appears to have deliberately slow-walked the announcement that its taxpayer-funded vaccine was effective until after the November election. The company would have crossed its normal threshold for determining efficacy in September and then passed an even higher bar at some time in October. Yet, they did not make the announcement until November 9.

COVID, and Trump’s handling of it, was one of the very top issues in the 2020 election. Had the public known that a safe and effective vaccine existed and that the pandemic would soon be over, this would almost certainly have resulted in even more votes in favor of the candidate who voters most trusted to launch a rapid economic recovery—Trump. 

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Kathleen L Rinck
3 months ago

I have no faith at all that we will ever have fair elections again. So many courts, including the Supreme Court, have refused to look at the overwhelming evidence of fraud that took place in 2020. Until that is addressed, what hope is there?

3 months ago

Trump must rise again from the ashes the demon rats have spread. Look out rats!!

4 months ago

To put it in laymen’s term…the Democommunists used every conceivable cheating device available to them….from running ballots for Biden through the machine several times, pulling out boxes of mail in ballots and counting them in the wee hours of the night, changing laws whereby they could cheat some more without congressional approval from their state to having machines hooked into the internet whereby they could flip the votes from Trump to Biden. We all know that China Faux Joe was not elected….he was installed by a communist regime. Now states are making sure that this crap does not happen again by passing voter laws for the integrity of our elections and these communist traitors are howling “voter suppression”. The Democommunists need to ALL be removed and soon….all of them.

4 months ago

Your article just slightly touched on the whole lot of evil that ascertained the 2020 election.

4 months ago

I just want the heathen Democratic party to know that they will be punished for all this. Power and Money always fell eventually. Read your history books!!!!!!! If Trump gets back in, watch out!!!!

Kenneth D.
4 months ago

With the passing of the Depression/WWII Generation, the final firewall of national integrity and foundational Judeo-Christian values has been breached in virtually all of the critical facets of the American Way of Life. The deep state bureaucracy, public education and academia, social, entertainment and journal/news media, the two-party system; including the voting machinery and officials at the national level, all rest securely within the confines, control and moral abyss of radical globalists and their anti-America gullible idiot enablers.
The Founders greatest fear was not foreign enemies, but the inability of independent and free citizens to maintain the self-discipline, delayed gratification, spiritual integrity, honorable resolve, unwavering standards of character and self-sacrifice necessary to maintain a democratic republic. We have lived to see their worst fears come to fruition in a sea of apathy fueled by open corruption at the highest levels of government. America has become a political and financial feudal system of political lords and taxpaying serfs interspersed with clueless and parasitic enablers……

4 months ago
Reply to  Kenneth D.

If you get the chance, read President George Washington’s final inaugural speech to the nation. He spells out in detail what would happen to this nation when the people walk away from God and the values stated in the word. No need to guess what has been happening since the 1960s with the nation.

4 months ago

If President Trump wins because of the proven fraud in several states can he take over the position of President?

4 months ago
Reply to  CeeDee

Just applying common sense because I have not looked at the law, since Pres. Biden has been sworn in his position is legal as well as the VP. If fraud is determined to have played a part in the election process, the Supreme Court would have to declare the election null and void. Pres Trump could be reinstated until a new election process occurs. Of course, all guilty should found out and persecuted to the full extent of the law. Another possibility which is frightening is that instead of Pres Trump, Rep Pelosi is installed as interim Pres. until the new election process has occurred.

3 months ago
Reply to  CeeDee

There is a movie I believe called “Man of the Year”, where the presidential election is rigged because faulty computer programming. Needless to state that it is obvious that the Democrats used this movie as there plan that stole this past election.

Victoria Johnson
3 months ago
Reply to  CeeDee

Since partisan hack, A G Merrick Garland is in charge of the (in)Justice Dept., who would be there to do anything about it?

4 months ago

Everyone one of those obama antiAmerican traitors who worked to steal President Trumps victory will be responsible for all the misery and pain caused by this attempted democrat totalitarian takedown of America.These brainless idiots doing this are pure evil racist haters you can not accuse others of what you yourselves are wrongly doing thats what you call a lying hypocrite plain and simple!

4 months ago

As smart as Republicans are sometimes I wonder why we haven’t found a way to be As evil and self centered as their party.

4 months ago
Reply to  Beverly

I believe Beverly there are “lots of folks” who know answers and have solutions to all of the wrongs that the Biden and power techies have thrown our way and tried to destroy freedoms of America, but it is taking time to make a stand…..look at Texas and some other states that are beginning to form the answers with backup of “lots of folks”. I mean President Trump had answers for America and worked them…..he is still there and it would seem he can still be effective as a consultant to help form the answers.

4 months ago
Reply to  Beverly

We wouldn’t stoop that low. It’s called morals. Dem/commies have none

Last edited 4 months ago by HocasPocas
Bill on the Hill
4 months ago
Reply to  Beverly

Hi Beverly… A valid question but this not the way of a true conservative as tempting as it may seem… I believe President Trump is on the right track now that he is on the outside looking in…
PRIMARY all the RINO’s… Currently ( 9 ) of them have a Republican going up against them in the 2022 midterms, this is a positive indicator. The Republican Party along with the RNC has consistently supported these RINO’s during Trump’s entire 1st term & that was just plain WRONG…One shining example was the dethroning of Liz Cheney, although she is still a member of Congress, for now…
Currently it’s looking like the Republicans will get back the House in 2022 & with a little luck the Senate too…What to do with the current CCP of China faux presidency is another matter entirely.
All eyes are on Phoenix, AZ & the long overdue complete forensic audit that is close to completion.
Bill on the Hill… :~)

4 months ago
Reply to  Beverly

They don’t because that’d be stooping to the Dems’ level and a betrayal of the Founding principles and the Moral high ground. However, if they would apply critical thinking to how and why the socialists’ tactics, they could expose and short-circuit the Dems’ moves. They need to continue raising Big Tech’s and the media’s abuses of the First Ammendment, and also implement a strong Patriots-based theme to their campaigning, and confront, confront, confront them on every opportunity! Next, get rid of the RINOs masquerading in our legislatures as representing We the People, exposing them as the frauds they are. Third, quit reaching across the aisle to socialist power-grabbers whose agenda is inherently based in lies. Expose thos lies! Finally, throw out Critical Race Theory from our Educational systems and the Military! End this divisive racist, Marxist dogma!! Instead, teach our children Critical Thinking Skills so that they learn to question what they are being taught against the standard of truth; show them how to get the facts and make up their own minds!

4 months ago

“Seven Ways the Establishment Worked Against Trump in the 2020 Election”Bottom line, They controlled the media/propaganda

4 months ago
Reply to  Chris

Totally agree, Chris. Media is no longer fair, balanced & unbiased, total propaganda these days! Please read Nothing To Envy ~ amazing book about North Korea and communist propaganda.

4 months ago

Unfortunately this is all “water under the bridge.” The task now is to keep it from happening again, and it will unless the people in position drop the ball again. Aside from that it is all damage control with no end. Dark as this picture is over the past actions that changed this country, there does not seem to be a light at the end of this tunnel as long as senators and representatives squabble, play political games and continue to power broker every move and word. There are too few “statesmen” and far too many polititians involved. The media will continue to do what they have done. The election process will continue to be “adjusted” by the present power brokers. Go down those seven points and see how a repeat is already in the mix…coming down the pike…..for the sake of profit and power. Check out the article by Mark Steyn from Hillsdale College’s publication “Imprimis.” There you will see just what is really taking place, and we the people are the sheep like victims. No bones about it…..if things don’t change…..the Republic is quickly lost.

Patriot Will
4 months ago

Chris Wallace handled himself so unprofessionally when he moderated the debate between President Trump and Lying Biden that I can’t even listen to him. The mere sight of him turns my stomach. For Wallace to still be a respected member of Fox News tells me that things are not as they should be, even at Fox News.

Tim Thompson
4 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

Likewise I too saw Chris Wallace come out of the closet and openly became a never Trumper before our very eyes. I stopped watching his Sunday Morning Show on Fox because of it. Now the only programs I watch on Fox who actually was taken over by the two leftist sons who started firing conservative newscasters, with exception of Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity.

4 months ago
Reply to  Patriot Will

I don’t watch Fox News anymore because of what went on with the debate

Allan Brem
4 months ago

This genius on FNC was saying, as I walked into the room, “Could the liberal media be making thing worse?” Thinking it over, I think that the other media is contributing to lies about White supremist with all of those snooty sounding Commonwealth voices they have. Not that the people are advocating anything it just reminds the left of places like South Africa and colonial days.

4 months ago

Pretty honest and straightforward analysis of how the election was stolen. But how can it be fixed?? It makes me shudder to think or a process than can succeed given the control the DemocRats have now taken control and the media is still backing them whole-heartedly (except Fox and some talk news radio).

4 months ago

Except the election wasn’t close. It was a coup. It’s a statistical impossibility for literally hundreds of thousands of votes in all those states to magically appear for Biden in the middle of the night. The rest of the article doesn’t matter. Trump won in spite of every effort by the demoncrats to do otherwise. But they always knew they had the dominion machines. And the fake absentee ballots.

George Washington's Admirer
4 months ago
Reply to  KDSQ

It was a phenomena election night. Just after midnight; Trump was heavily in the lead. So, I went to sleep thinking that he was winning. Abruptly, say around, 0200; everything did a 180 degree turn. Networks like CNN; went into gear with their brainwashing skills.

Deb Rockwell
4 months ago

The media is the enemy of the people and poses a clear and present danger to our Republic. Something must be done about media corruption and disinformation. No one can make wise, informed decisions if they do not get accurate information on which to base that decision. The media is the single biggest threat to our country and our way of life.

George Washington's Admirer
4 months ago

Two words are predominant in this ‘Era of Deception & Corruption’. They are: ‘Censorship & Brainwashing’. Many people who used to watch: MSNBC, CNN, and NBC; are simply NOT watching any of this ‘malarkey’. On the one hand we have excessive censorship. We are not talking about censorship of just political matters. We are talking about certain; seldom if EVER reported stories having to do with recent demonstrations and protests in London, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin. Why are they censored? One could hypothesize that these thousands upon thousands of people are fed up with the ‘Pandemic Politics’ of the day. Some countries are fed up with ‘Marshal Law’; (for the purpose of ‘protecting society’ of course.) Now, why do the networks refuse to cover these stories?
Its quite possible, that they want the American people to be ‘sheep running ever so quickly over the cliff’! The networks were already in practice for censoring the campaign. In fact, censorship is their forte. On the other hand they are just as well versed in ‘Brainwashing’. The ‘Attila the Hun Method’ is the most widely used method. Three years ago, it became apparent that an elaborate ‘Evil Portrait’ had to be cast of President Trump and his family. He could do NO RIGHT; according to MSNBC. Every news reporter on that prejudicial and biased station ONLY had negative things to say. At first, it really doesn’t dawn on one. However, it becomes redundant! Let’s have REAL JOURNALISM! PLEASE! Another word that we need to add to today’s vocabulary; shall we? ANATHEMA. It was the goal of the networks to BRAINWASH to such an extent; that ‘Attila the Hun’ would be even more despicable than ‘Ivan the Terrible’. ‘Television Journalism’ is an abomination’!

Myrna S Wade
4 months ago

At least we can never say that President Trump did not even fight back. He kept pushing a boulder up hill. Ben Carson saw the fact that is still there: the more he is attacked the more he fights. If no other blessing comes in the next few years, the young people of the future will see a great example of loyalty to America that never gives up in 45th President Donald J. Trump.

4 months ago

Realizing what the dem-o-rats did to win the 2020 election, I find it hard to believe
they will allow a free and fair election in 2022. The only way they will be removed
from power is a civil war. Hope I’m wrong, 2022 will be a true watershed moment
in our nations history.

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Rigged planned day 1 by DC Estd Elites & we lose lost until 2022, 2024.

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