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Virginia 63

Is Virginia About to Swing Red? Evidence Indicates the Blue Wave Has Crested In the Old Dominion

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The Democrat Coalition is Shrinking

COVID-19 1

Pandemic Response Report

lab 91

Media Tripping Over Themselves to Reverse Position On COVID Lab Leak Theory

Arizona 26

Election Integrity Efforts Across America Since The Disastrous 2020 Election

commission 5

Weingarten Report Ep. 5: The January 6th Commission is a Wrongthink Inquisition

election 12

Election Integrity – Critical in 2022

police 108

Baltimore Becomes War Zone as Democratic Mayor Refuses to Fight Criminals but Pushes to Defund the Police

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If It Weren’t For The Leftist Corporate Media’s Coverup, These Four Democrat Representatives Would Be Removed From Office

January 6 75

January 6 Detainees, Alleging Harsh Treatment, Get Support from Unlikely Source