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elections 8

AMAC Action Statement on the Democrats’ Federal Takeover of Elections Bill

Nevada 45

Chaos in Nevada as Democrat Civil War Rages On

Democrats 21

Democrats in Chaos

china 23

Senate Passes Bipartisan China Bill, but Debate Underscores Democrat Weakness on Beijing Government

Tax 24

What Do They Want? A Look at the Big Picture Tax Hikes Being Proposed by Democrats

Manchin 23

BREAKING: Joe Manchin to Vote Against “For the People Act”

Texas 13

What’s Behind GOP Consolidation Of Trump Gains With Texas Hispanics

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The Left-Wing-Racist Book That All The Democrats Are Reading

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As Summit Approaches, Putin Subjects Biden to International Humiliation—Yet Democrat Russia Hysteria is Nowhere to be Heard

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OPINION: Let’s Talk About the Filibuster