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Weingarten Report Ep. 2: Californization of America, War on Wrongthink, and Biden’s Notorious Nominees

This week on the Weingarten Report, Ben points out the ties between the Democrat’s intentions of opening our Southern Border with the results of the 2020 Census and the loss of a seat in California. He also turns your attention to the crusade to destroy “Wrongthinkers” – like Donald Trump, for example – and the unjust narrative being pushed upon Americans. And lastly Ben uncovers one of the worst stories out of Washington that you’re not hearing about: the confirmation of radical Obama-era nominees. Take a walk down Bad Memory Lane with the likes of Samantha Powers and Lisa Monaco. Thanks for watching this week’s edition of The Weingarten Report! For more information, check out

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Ed J
1 day ago

Substitute the respelt word “Californication” for “Californization” and one will be closer to the truth in describing the process that is being perpetrated against our nation by the libtard Demsheviks.

1 day ago

Ok, lol, I guess I am being censered!

1 day ago

I made a good comment about this and my move out of California, but it is not posted,….. Am I being censered?

1 day ago

So tell me, why do you think born and raised Californians are leaving the state in droves!?Ca. Is now a cess pool! From what had been the golden state, now is a Garbage bag!And taxation is through the roof! I fought leaving tooth and nail……then it was like trying to walk out of a quicksand hole….to finally be in Arkansas and I’m now absolutely blown away by how very nice it is here. Even with the weather changes I’ll have to adapt to over time. It is just beautiful here! You couldn’t pay me enough to return to Cal.!

Victoria Johnson
20 hours ago
Reply to  Linda

I left Calif in 1991. Unfortunately, they’ve Californicated Nevada and we’re now a blue state. Las Vegas is 3/4 the population of the entire state and 90% of them came from California bringing their crappy ‘regressive’ beliefs with them. I’m too old and disabled to move again so I’ll just have to live with their stifling governance for the few years I have left.

Ron Howard
1 day ago

Good, informative reporting.

Robert Belcastro
1 day ago

This is a very well researched and presented body of data that we all need at this time.

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